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Find in yourself those human things which are universal.Sanford Meisner


Presenting Yourself: Acting Begins With Being™

Auditions can be among the most stressful and important experiences of an actor’s professional life. As actors our bodies are our instruments. And just like a concert piano requires proper tuning and alignment prior to performance, so do we require such alignment and tuning before we can drop in and do the work.

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These practical sessions explore how to dwell consistently in your authentic personal power, and how to speak and act from that dimension in auditions, on stage and on camera.

These sessions will help you walk into the room and book the role. Sessions can also be tailored for specific roles and scenes.

  • Audition Preparation
  • Graduate School Auditions
  • Coaching for Professional Actors

Sessions are held at Ripley Greer Studios, 520 8th Avenue, New York, NY (between 36th and 37th Streets).

In-person sessions are $220 an hour. 24-hour cancellation notice is required.

Daily, on-set and on location rates available on request.

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Indomitable Living™ Strategies

As M. Scott Peck wrote, “Life is difficult. It is a great truth because once we truly see this truth, we transcend it.” Indomitable Living™ is a unique approach to helping you overcome your own life’s challenges and cultivate joy.

In one-on-one telephone sessions you will learn to:

  • Identify and transform your repetitive patterns
  • Release emotional and mental blockages
  • Find your unique sources of inspiration and power
  • Cultivate healthy, conscious relationships
  • Manifest your Heart’s Desire

The method includes dialogue, storytelling, dream sharing, journaling, mindfulness practice and techniques used in actors’ training to develop emotional intelligence, resilience and confidence.

Indomitable Living™ also incorporates the planetary psychology developed in the Renaissance and Elizabethan periods and employed to this day in modern astrology. Used since the time of Shakespeare to find one’s place in time and space, you will drop into your own life map and use it as a source of personal inspiration and creativity.

I recommend starting with a weekly or bi-weekly call for one hour. You can also request longer or more frequent sessions according to your needs and schedule.

Individual tele-sessions are $275 per hour including preliminary chart research. 24-hour cancellation notice is required.

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Public Speaking / Workshops

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